JPOrleans Difference

1 Reservation of Homesite

Your Community Sales Manager can save your homesite and freeze pricing on your behalf with a small refundable deposit. Once your site is reserved, our team will review the options and features that require your selection upon the Agreement of Sale so that you can confidently move forward.

2 Agreement of Sale with Earnest Money Deposit

Once you are ready to sign your Agreement of Sale, down payment will be required. The percentage of your downpayment is dependent on two factors: the community and the price of the home. Your Community Sales Manager will review this with you in full.

3 Personalization

After the Agreement of Sale is finalized, our expert homebuilding team will help you personalize your home with the individual design features you desire. An additional deposit may be required upon completion of this step.

4 Pre-Construction Review

Once your mortgage is approved, all earnest money is received, your personalized selections have been finalized and all contingencies have been removed, the real building process begins. Our team will obtain all permits on your behalf, and a Pre-Construction Review meeting will be conducted with the Builder and Community Sales Manager to review plans, elevations, selections, construction process, expectations, and guidelines.

5 Pre-Drywall Review

Once your new home has been framed out and is ready for drywall, we will conduct a Pre-Drywall Review with you. At this time, you will be able to review and finalize the locations of electrical options, structural options, and grading swales. At this time, we will walk you through the remainder of the process, including the target settlement date.

6 Pre-Settlement Review

A few weeks before your Settlement, we will conduct a Pre-Settlement Review to present you with the features and warranty procedures of your new home.

7 Settlement and Ten-Year Warranty

Settlement Day is here! In addition to two-post settlement reviews, Your new JPOrleans home comes with a transferrable 10-year limited warranty. So all you have to do is enjoy — it’s that easy.